Keynote Speakers

Steven Tobin

Executive Director, Labour Market Information Council

Steven Tobin is the Executive Director of the Labour Market Information Council whose mandate is to ensure Canadians, stakeholders and policy makers have the necessary information and insights to succeed in a changing, dynamic world of work.

Before joining LMIC, Steven previously held positions at the OECD, the International Labour Organization as well as the federal and provincial levels of government.

Hamoon Ekhtiari

Founder & CEO of Audacious Futures

Hamoon Ekhtiari, Founder & CEO of Audacious Futures – is a global launchpad for audacious innovation – is passionate about unlocking the potential of people, organizations, and societies to re-imagine and build the future.

Drawing on years of research, practice, and data, this talk will open with setting the stage for how the world of work around us is changing every day for individuals, organizations, and societies.

Dr. Andrew B. Campbell

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum,
Teaching and Learning at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Dr. Andrew B. Campbell has written courses in diversity, and his research focuses on issues of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Educational leadership, LGBTQ Issues, and Teacher Performance Evaluation. Dr. Campbell has authored two books: “Teachable Moments with DR. ABC: A Spoonful for the Journey (2015)” and “The Invisible Student in the Jamaican Classroom (2018)”